The Minions are Coming

Minion I just finished another Christmas Ornament.  A Minion  A little late……I know.  The idea came to me a couple days after Christmas as I watched Despicable Me on DVD.  I turned the body on my lathe from a piece of white pine.  A relatively easy turning as I notched it in for the legs and, left a little extra on for the Eye Glass band (hard to see in the picture) and rounded the top over for a head.  I then drilled a 3/8″ hole and inserted a small piece of 3/8″ dowel for his eye glass.  Finally I added a screw eye to the top to attache a hook.Minion That was the easy part.  Painting it was a little more time consuming.  I did a Google search for Minions and used the picture online as a guide for painting.  I took my time and waited for each color to dry before I added the next.  The final detailing in black was done with a thin black Sharpie.  Next I will have to make a companion Minion with two eyes.

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