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Christmas Decoration

I was taking down my Christmas decorations last week and decided to post pictures of a Decoration that I made.  This was made for my son’s house.  I got a picture off the web of a similar decoration.  I traced it out on 3/4″ MDF and cut it out with a sabre saw.  That was the easy part.  To paint it I first put 2 coats of shellac on it to try to seal it since it would be outdoor.  Then I proceeded to paint the details  I used a combo of Rust-Oleum exterior latex paints as well as gloss exterior house paints.  You can have small samples of the house paint mixed at your local big-box store so you won’t have to buy a whole gallon.

To hold it in the ground I used some 1/2′ conduit  pipe and a few U-clamps on the back.  If you want to make your own feel free to use the above picture to make a pattern.  Good Luck.

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The Minions are Coming

Minion I just finished another Christmas Ornament.  A Minion  A little late……I know.  The idea came to me a couple days after Christmas as I watched Despicable Me on DVD.  I turned the body Continue reading

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Batman vs The Riddler

Batman OrnamentOK.  This is the last post of Christmas Ornaments for the Year.  I made this one with my son in 1995 when Batman Forever came out. Again it was cut from Luan plywood.  It was cut out as two separate parts and then strung together with some fishing line.  Finished off with green and black paint it was the perfect ornament for 1995.

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Snowman Duck Call

Snowman Duck CallSo I’ve been home a lot for the holidays and have time to waste doing what ever.  The other day I decided to play with my lathe.  I was trying to decide between making a Snowman Christmas Ornament or a new Duck call.  As you can see I ended up with a combination of the two a Snowman Duck Call. Continue reading

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More Christmas Ornaments

Pac ManAs promised here are a few picture of other Ornaments that I made over the years for the Christmas Tree.  Above you will see a Pac Man ornament I made in the early 1980s.  Continue reading

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Wrecking Ball Christmas Ornament

Miley Cyrus -Wrecking BallEvery year I try to make a new handmade Christmas tree ornament that is related to the latest trends or fads.  This year it was a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball ornament.  This looks better in the picture then it does in real life. Continue reading

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Trunk-or-TreatI attended my first ever Trunk-or-Treat event last night.  For those of you that don’t know what Trunk-or-Treat is I’ll explain.   Trunk-or-Treat is a Halloween related event in which people gather together in a large parking lot with their cars.  They open their trunks/hatches up and decorate them for Halloween.  In addition, they pass candy out to little kids. Continue reading

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