Shark Cupcake

Shark Cup Cake

There is a little shop down in South Jersey that sell cupcakes  It is call Chocolate Face Cupcake & Brownies.  Well this weekend I bought a Shark Cupcake.  Delicious!  

Looking at their Facebook page I noticed that they also make a Shark Birthday Cake.  Kool.

Shark Cake


What a wonderful way to celebrate shark week with a Shark cupcake.  OBTW they have a Maple Bacon Cupcake that is just out of this world.  It is not shown on their Facebook page or I would post a picture.  The only down side is that the Maple Bacon Cupcake is only available on Saturday.  So if you are down the South Jersey area I would highly recommend that you give this place a try. (Note: This is Not a paid advertisement).

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