Revolver Coaster

My latest creation.  Revolver Cylinder Coasters.  I made these the other day on my Shapeoko CNC Router.  They were made with some scrap oak I had laying around. 

I first designed the piece using Carbide Create software.  I used a torch to heat up the brass on the shotgun shells.  About 5 seconds on each and then using pliers I separated the plastic hulls from the Brass base.  After cutting out the shapes on the CNC Router and a quick sanding I was ready to stain and varnish the pieces.

After the stain and varnish dried I used a little super glue and glued the brass in place.  You can watch a video of the CNC process at  A set of 4 shotgun coasters (not as nice as these) are going for $20.00 on Etsy so I think I may try to sell these.  If anyone wants to try making their own just let me know and I will be happy to share the file with them.

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  1. Mike

    Beautiful workmanship. Very creative. I wish I had thought of that.

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