Google Birdhouse

Google Bird House1I have been a little bored lately and decided that I wanted to make something fun but easy.  Somehow I settled on a Birdhouse.  So I looked through a pile of old plans as well as doing an image search for “funny birdhouses” and eventually stumbled upon an image of a birdhouse shaped like a Google Map icon.The rest was history.  I started by enlarging the Google Map icon and converting it to a black and white image using Photoshop.  A few minutes of clean up and I had my pattern.  The below is a full size jpg of the pattern.

IMG I traced the pattern onto a piece of White Pine and proceeded to cut it out on the Band Saw.   The Birdhouse uses a coffee can as the main house, so the next thing I did was to route a circular groove on the back side of the wood to allow me to recess the can.  I did this using a Dremel tool and a circle cutter attachment.  Using an 1 1/4″ Forstner bit I drilled an entrance hole.  The post consists of a 3/8″ dowel inserted and glued in a 3/8″ hole.Google Bird HouseFinally I glued the can to the back and painted it to match the Google Map icon.  I went to the local big box hardware store and bought a sample jar of the matching paint for about $3.00.  To finish it off I drilled a couple of holes in the floor to allow for drainage and one in the back to use for hanging it up.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for Google Street View to drive by and capture it on film.

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