Christmas Decoration

I was taking down my Christmas decorations last week and decided to post pictures of a Decoration that I made.  This was made for my son’s house.  I got a picture off the web of a similar decoration.  I traced it out on 3/4″ MDF and cut it out with a sabre saw.  That was the easy part.  To paint it I first put 2 coats of shellac on it to try to seal it since it would be outdoor.  Then I proceeded to paint the details  I used a combo of Rust-Oleum exterior latex paints as well as gloss exterior house paints.  You can have small samples of the house paint mixed at your local big-box store so you won’t have to buy a whole gallon.

To hold it in the ground I used some 1/2′ conduit  pipe and a few U-clamps on the back.  If you want to make your own feel free to use the above picture to make a pattern.  Good Luck.

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