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Batman vs The Riddler

Batman OrnamentOK.  This is the last post of Christmas Ornaments for the Year.  I made this one with my son in 1995 when Batman Forever came out. Again it was cut from Luan plywood.  It was cut out as two separate parts and then strung together with some fishing line.  Finished off with green and black paint it was the perfect ornament for 1995.

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Wrecking Ball Christmas Ornament

Miley Cyrus -Wrecking BallEvery year I try to make a new handmade Christmas tree ornament that is related to the latest trends or fads.  This year it was a Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball ornament.  This looks better in the picture then it does in real life. Continue reading

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Google Birdhouse

Google Bird House1I have been a little bored lately and decided that I wanted to make something fun but easy.  Somehow I settled on a Birdhouse.  So I looked through a pile of old plans as well as doing an image search for “funny birdhouses” and eventually stumbled upon an image of a birdhouse shaped like a Google Map icon. Continue reading

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Trunk-or-TreatI attended my first ever Trunk-or-Treat event last night.  For those of you that don’t know what Trunk-or-Treat is I’ll explain.   Trunk-or-Treat is a Halloween related event in which people gather together in a large parking lot with their cars.  They open their trunks/hatches up and decorate them for Halloween.  In addition, they pass candy out to little kids. Continue reading

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You Sunk My Battleship

Hat RackIn honor of the upcoming Memorial Day Celebration I decided to post a simple project I made a few years ago for my Father in law.  He served in the US Marine Corps in Korea and worked for many years at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.  He started collecting hats from the ships he worked on which led to any Navy ships and has amounted to over 100 hats. Continue reading

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Fire Up The Grill, Daddy Just Picked Up Dinner

Roadkill BunnyJust ran across these delicious looking Plush animals on the Craziest Gadgets website.  They are so cool looking.   There are 4 different characters available, Grind the rabbit (shown above), Twitch the raccoon, Splodge the hedgehog and Smudge the squirrel.  Aren’t they great names for these critters?   Continue reading

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Lizard Lick Flooring

Lizard Flooring

I’m getting ready to lay down hardwood floors in my bedroom and was looking online last night at flooring when I came across this picture at  This has got to be one of the coolest floor ideas I have ever seen.  I want to do this so bad it hurts.  I showed it to my other half and stated that this was the type of floor I wanted to put down in our Master Suite.  …….Dead Silence…..followed by a look that said what are you a Freakin’ idiot.  Continue reading

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More Muscle Cars

I recently wrote a post on the new Muscle Car Stamps that the US Post Office issued.   This is a nice video I found on Cyril Huze.  Jay Leno has a conversation Continue reading

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Bitch Slap

I saw this over on The Goat and just had to post it here.  Being an avid Deer Hunter I have seen Bucks fight it out in the woods but never like this.

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DSCN0121I recently saw this Hide-A-Key for sale on the web and just had to have it.  It is made to look like a sprinkler head.  You just plant it in the ground and your done.  Every criminal out there knows to look under the mat, in the flower pot or in the fake rock for the keys to the house.  Continue reading

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