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Lizard Lick Flooring

Lizard Flooring

I’m getting ready to lay down hardwood floors in my bedroom and was looking online last night at flooring when I came across this picture at  This has got to be one of the coolest floor ideas I have ever seen.  I want to do this so bad it hurts.  I showed it to my other half and stated that this was the type of floor I wanted to put down in our Master Suite.  …….Dead Silence…..followed by a look that said what are you a Freakin’ idiot.  Continue reading

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More Muscle Cars

I recently wrote a post on the new Muscle Car Stamps that the US Post Office issued.   This is a nice video I found on Cyril Huze.  Jay Leno has a conversation Continue reading

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Bitch Slap

I saw this over on The Goat and just had to post it here.  Being an avid Deer Hunter I have seen Bucks fight it out in the woods but never like this.

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harley davidsonI had heard that Harley Davidson sales were expected to drop this year but this is ridiculous!

Due to a higher volume of sales of clothing, accessories, and other Harley paraphernalia, and coupled with tight financial times that put a further squeeze on overpriced, under-performing machinery,  Harley Davidson has partnered with Proptronics to produce a speciality motorcycle called “Stylin’ Iron.” Proptronics is the company famous making fake appliances that are used in model homes for purposes of show only. Continue reading

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