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Stranded on the John


Here is a neat little sculpture I made in high school shop class.  Once we learned how to braze we needed to come up with a project to make.  Everybody was making Ninja Stars and Tightrope balancing men (I’ll see about posting pictures of each in a future post) out of horseshoe nails.  Well I decided I wanted to make something a little more whimsical.  A man sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper.  Continue reading

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Kool Tool of the Week

DSCN0123a This weeks Kool tool is a combination Flashlight/Screwdriver.  I got it for free at the Philadelphia Home Show this year.  As you can see, it small enough to fit in the palm of you hand.  On the front end you can see the Flashlight Bulb and a hexagon socket for holding tool bits.  On the top is a switch for turning the flashlight on.  Continue reading

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DSCN0121I recently saw this Hide-A-Key for sale on the web and just had to have it.  It is made to look like a sprinkler head.  You just plant it in the ground and your done.  Every criminal out there knows to look under the mat, in the flower pot or in the fake rock for the keys to the house.  Continue reading

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Raise The Titanic


I was playing around in the shop last week and decided to make this Titanic door stop based on an idea I got on the web.  It was a fun little project to make.  I made it completely out of scrapes of wood I had laying around.  I had no real pattern to go by as I started out with a scrape of 1″ stock about 2″ wide x 5″ long.  Continue reading

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Make Your Own Patterns

Easter BasketI’m getting ready to make some Easter decorations for my wife.  If your like me you are artistically challenged and therefore can not draw your own patterns on wood when making something.   Many times I like to transfer my pattern to a piece of cardboard and then cut it out with a pair of scissors.  This makes for a durable and reusable pattern,  When laying out a complex pattern on a piece of wood there are several methods that can be use to make the job easy. Continue reading

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Look What I Found


I was walking thru the parking lot about a week ago and saw the above.  Its a Mercedes GLK350.  The owner had not cleared the snow off his hood and had just finished driving about 10 miles.  A very cool pattern appeared on his hood from the heat of the engine.  Looks like the Abominable Snowman.  With a face like that who needs an E-ZPass!!

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